Cultivation Techniques

Initially, studies started in order to be distributed to growers of  the seedlings propagated by grafting then they has spread to include other subjects of the olive cultivation. Until 1988, our department had been active in research, training and production of including all stages up to olive propagation to harvest. Breeding and Plant Health Subunits were seperated from our department in accordance with the decision of our ministry  numbered AİD/6-1-04/4569/70743 and dated 24.18.1988 the internal regulations instructions of research institutions and now they continue to study as a separate department of our institute.

Activities of Cultivation Techniques

  • Research studies
  • Training studies
    R&D  Priority Issues: 
  • To contribute to the economy of the country's Olive genetic resources and establishment of plots in different ecological adaptation and on-site breeding framework project of local varieties
  • To improve the quality and increase the production with new rootstocks, varieties and clones  obtained by as a result of breeding studies of olive and to be marketed worldwide for use in the new olive groves
  • The use of biotechnological methods to reduce the volume of the plant crown
  • Histological and cytological studies for the rootstock-scion incompatibility
  • Fertilization biology and physiology, suitable pollinator varieties and  the implementation of  the use of artificial pollinators
  • To investigate the effects of the Kaolin applications on the plant growth and quality criteria
  • The development of pruning methods for semi-modern and modern olive growing  transition from traditional growing.
  • Increasing the usage of alternative energy sources in the olive groves and making economic analysis
  • To investigate the effects of olive harvesting machines  on the basis of varieties to quality,
  • To development of large olive vareties with small seed suitable for table olives processing,
  • Determination of table olive characteristics of our varieties considering local flavors,
  • Establishment of inventory of olive tree existence,
  • Stress physiology studies (drought-frost etc.),

• What should be done for the no-tillage olive cultivation? Determination of which soil tillage methods in which conditions and locations are suitable for.