Plant Protection

Job Description of Department of Plant Health Research

The aims of Department of the Plant Health Research are, to contribute agricultural economy of Turkey locally and to territorially, to prepare novel research projects for agricultural enterprises and farmers to solve their problems related to plant diseases caused by pests and pathogens. Throughout these researches, applying appropriate method of analyses in national and international standard, publishing results of research, sharing and engaging these results with researchers and local farmers are the fundamental responsibilities of the department.  

It initially aims to

  1. determine agricultural policies related to plant disease, pests and weeds which cause a problem for current plant production in the region and create research projects  for shaping future policies,

  2. determine plant health problems that farmers confront in agricultural production and offer solutions for these problems by creating new projects,

  3. perform efficiency and comparative analyses in agricultural production,

  4. carry on studies to develop easy and applicable methods through cost-benefit analyses of agricultural projects,

  5. work on agricultural training and publication to share the results of current research studies and take part in research projects conducted or will be conducted by other researchers,

  6. carry out projects in the field of Phytopathology and Entomology