To carry out scientific research activities in order to create and preserve qualified plant and macrofungi collections in accordance with international standards,

To create social consciousness and awareness about the vital importance and value of plant diversity by producing, preserving and maintaining plant materials in an area of 2200 decares of our directorate,

For this purpose, to organize educational, social, cultural and sectoral activities at national and international level,

To introduce the Directorate at national and international level and to publicise the physical structure, facilities and activities of the Directorate effectively,

To inform our Ministry about the news published in the press and media organs on matters concerning our Directorate.


To protect all plants and macrofungi of our country by recording them together with reference samples and to support and conserve biodiversity.

To conserve the landscape values in the garden.

To increase plant product diversity in production and operation,

To educate qualified individuals with the qualifications required by science, art and technology in national and international range.

To present all these to the service of the society,

And to ensure the planning and creation of all kinds of information/documents etc. that will form the Institutional Identity.