Vision & Mission



Under the principles of sustainable agriculture and food security, in collaboration with national and international organizations in implementing any new information and technology to leader and original research. For This Purpose Develop new strategies to fight plant diseases, pests and weeds. Human and environmental health, sustainability, taking into account the natural balance and control costs, effective, economical and safe to develop new strategies to fight. Open to new ideas, work with a knowledge of the essential issues of corporate credibility and reputation is high, international level is a research institut that contribute to solving the problems of plant protection.



All kinds of cultivated plants of harmful organisms that cause economic loss; detections, distributions, density, and to determine the levels of damage, they determine the level of economic damage,to carryout research activities in to struggle against thresholds to determine and control methods. Wealso organize training activities related to plant health, quarantine and certification to performanalyzes of plant protection products, in terms of environmental and human health risks, and to conduct research on there sidues, biological activity, to work side-effects of natural enemies and control the tasks covered by the institution's mission.This is the work of national and international institutions and organizations to carryout the mission coordinated by the way.