Vision & Mission


  • Our mission is to enable the dissemination of the information and technology necessary for integrated pest control for food protection and sustainable agriculture,
  • Carrying out researches for pest management methods, especially "Biological Control", against all kinds of harmful organisms that cause economic loss in plant production,
  • Carrying out educational and broadcasting activities at national and international levels in the areas of biological control and plant health,
  • Conducting the studies of internal and external quarantine, certification services, biological effects, side effects trials and evaluations and presenting R&D outputs to the scientific world with national and international platforms.


  • Our vision is to manage pests that are responsible for economic losses in crop production, including primarily dealing with all kinds of biological control methods and conducting application-oriented researches,
  • Conducting research and developmental studies to solve plant health problems at the national and international levels in the "Biological Control Research Center" established within our institution,
  • Making our laboratories accredited with the understanding of high quality and making them compatible with the international standards.