Production of Olive Fly Attractive (Ziray)

ZİRAY has been developed by Chemical Engineer Dr. Ayten GÜVENER and her friends in our Institute in 1985. It contains 120 g / L hydrolysed protein.
ZİRAY is produced as an attractant for control of olive fruit fly (Bactrocera olea (Gmel.)) and mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) in Gömeç county of Balikesir every year. Approximately 200 tons of annual production can be increased according to population intensity and the requirements. It is presented to sold in 20 liter containers or bulk form in accordance with the wishes of local and farmers. It is sold by provincial and district directorates of agriculture and pesticide dealers in all regions seen Mediterranean fruit fly and Olive fruit fly . It is provided great benefits by its’ very low cost in comparison with equivalent licensed pesticide. It is an environment friendly product since it is efficient and helps to use less chemical.
ZİRAY prevents product losses that could be up to %30 by disinfection of aproximately 20 million olive trees in the Balikesir, Manisa, İzmir and Çanakkale provinces in the framework of the control of the olive fruit fly. It is provided that sizable contributions to the economy when ZİRAY is used for control this pest in 20 million olive trees.
ZİRAY is an indispensable input in the control of the Mediterranean fruit fly which is a quarantine pest and its’ tolerance is “0”. It can be realized an effective and safe control by this product. Our production factory in Balikesir, has the capacity to respond immediately to requests from all provinces and districts.
ZİRAY prices for 2017: (KDV included)
Bulk1 Lt
​3,85 TL
In Container
​​​20 Lt

​​​100,00 TL