About Us

​Atatürk Horticultural Central Research Institute (ABKMAE), is a public research institute working under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestery. ABKMAE continues its duties with the coordination of General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Politics.

ABKMAE took part as a "Central Research Organization" in the priorities, policies, program and budget within the framework of research activities in the country on the basis of horticulture. Projects prepared under the nation-wide programs are carried out by individual scientists or teams from ABKMAE or collaboration with other institutes and/or related faculties of the Universities. Within the framework of its duties, ABKMAE prepares and joins research projects on evaluation-selection and breeding of high yielding, well adapted, disease resistant horticultural cultivars; agrotechnology (fertilization, irrigation, protection, physiology etc.), storage, processing and marketing. ABKMAE organizes courses, seminars, conferences, training programs and workshops regularly for farmers, agricultural engineers, agricultural technicians, economists and home growers. Moreover, students from agricultural faculties and vocational junior colleges related to horticultural science fulfil their compulsory practical trainings at the Institute every summer.