REGISTRATION YEAR: As a winter wheat variety developed by adaptation and selection works in 2005.
MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERS: The spike is white, smooth, awned and compact. The plant height is 80-85 cm. The grain is oval, strong, dark red and large.
AGRICULTURAL CHARACTERS: The variety is winter wheat and medium early. The resistance to winterkilling is good. It has high productive tillering. The plant height is medium and it has strong stem, so it is excellent resistance to lodging. It has high grain yield and genetic yield potential is about 5000-7000 kg/ha. It is suitable for growing on fertile and flat areas. Planting rate is between 450-550 g seeds/m2 and nitrogen fertilization is 120-150 kg/ha pure N.
PATHOLOGY CHARACTERS: The variety has to shattering and medium resistant to powdery mildew. It has tolerant to leaf rust and root rot.
GRAIN QUALITY: The grain quality is good. It has milling and baking quality. The mass of 1000 grains is about 36-40 g, volumic mass of grain 76-80 kg. Some quality characters are about protein 12-14%, sedimentation 40-50 ml, gluten 35-40%, gluten index 70-80%, absorbsion 60-65% and energy value 260-290.