REGISTRATION YEAR: As a winter wheat variety developed by crossing in 2009.
MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERS: The spike is red, smooth, awnless and compact. The plant height is 90-95 cm. The grain is long-oval, strong, red and very large.
AGRICULTURAL CHARACTERS: The variety is winter wheat and medium early. The resistance to winterkilling is very good. It has high productive tillering. The plant height is medium-high, so it has medium resistance to lodging. It has high genetic potential for grain yield. Genetic yield potential is about 6000-7500 kg/ha. It is suitable for growing on fertile and less fertile soils. Planting rate is between 450-500 g seed/m2 and nitrogen fertilization is 12-15 kg/da pure N.
PATHOLOGY CHARACTERS: The variety has to shattering and susceptible to powdery mildew. It has resistance to leaf rust and tolerant to root rot.
QUALITY CHARACTERS: The grain quality is very excellent. It has milling and baking quality. The mass of 1000 grains is about 42-46 g, volumic mass of grain 80-82 kg. Some quality characters is about protein 13-14%, sedimentation 45-50 ml., gluten 35-45%, gluten Index 70-80%, and energy value 170.