REGISTRATION YEAR: As a winter wheat variety developed by crossing in 2010.
MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERS: The spike is red, smooth, awnless and compact. The plant height is 100-105 cm. The grain is long-oval, strong, red and very large.
AGRICULTURAL CHARACTERS: The variety is winter wheat and medium early. It has resistance to cold. It has very high productive tillering. The plant height is high, so it has medium resistance to lodging. It has very high genetic potential, also resistance drought. Genetic yield potential is about 6500-8500 kg/ha. It is suitable for growing on fertile and less fertile soils. Planting rate is between 450-500 g seed/m2 and nitrogen fertilization is about 12-15 kg/da pure N.
PATHOLOGY CHARACTERS: The variety has to shattering and tolerant to powdery mildew. It has susceptible to leaf rust and tolerant to root rot.
QUALITY CHARACTERS: The grain quality is very good. It has milling and baking quality. The mass of 1000 grains is about 38,9 g, test weight 80,9 kg. Some quality characters is about protein 13,5%, sedimentation 56 ml., gluten 37,9%, and gluten index 86,2%.