Plant Nutrition and Soil

​It is possible to collect the research topics of this department as; to determine the types and amounts of fertilizers which provide the most economical crop production using with field, greenhouse and laboratory studies which depend on soil and plant analysis, to develop new fertilization methods which could create special conditions in the soil, to determine the types and rates of fertilizers to be applied to the cultivated plants based on the micro and macro element status of the soil, to implement studies on soil pollution and sustainability of the soil fertility, to determine and regenerate data about the general characteristics of Turkey soils, to develop new methods of soil, water, plant and fertilizer analysis and to ensure the use of these methods across the country, to carry out research studies on soil organisms, to illustrate their usefulness in agricultural areas, to create soil database, to make soil survey and soil mapping, to make consultancy on the projects and committees of the Ministry and to participate them actively. ​