Fisheries Health

Fisheries Health Department Introduction: In order to protect our genetic resources in inland waters, identification of domestic species and populations at the molecular level, creation of appropriate inventory throughout the country and creation of usable data bank, determination of appropriate methods for the determination of local species and populations and determination of molecular diagnostic methods based on gene technologies, in situ, ex-situ, in-vivo, in-vitro conservation studies, aquaculture breeding and cross-breeding and molecular genetic and biotechnological methods to use for the development of animals with high economic value through the use of studies.

Head of Department: Muhammed Mustafa SEZGİNER - Veterinarian

Technical Staff List:

Hakan EREN- Veterinarian

İsmail Hakkı ÖZTUNA- Veterinarian

Tuncay VURAL- Veterinarian

Durmuş MER​MER - Veterinary Health Technician​​