The size of the land in which the Institute is placed is totally 1383 da; 308 da cultivated land, 700 da pastures, 55 da hilly land, 320 da roads and buildings.

In the Institute there is a bull barn with 60 head capacity, four cow barns with total capacity of 250 head, a calf barn with the total capacity of 50 head, 3 sheep and goat barns with total capacity of 800 head and 5 chicken houses with total capacity of 10.000 head. There are five roughage storages with 300 tons total capacity and 4 silage wells with 300 tons total capacity. There are 3 barley silos with 180 tons capacity.

The service buildings in the institute are a repair house for motor vehicles, workshop for ironworks, a boiler house, a carpenter shop, a gas station,  a garage, storage for necessities, a small feed preparing unit, an electric generator building, a milking parlour, a slaughter house and a brooder house.

In the Institute there are four administration building. These are Central Administration Building, Animal Breeding and Production Unit Building, Biotechnology Unit Building, Bull Test Center and Gene Bank Building.

There are cafeteria, clubroom, restaurant and kitchen for staff. There is a guest house with 20 persons capacity.

There are 66 houses totally as 24 apartments, 42 independent houses in the campus and 50 houses have central heating system.

There are one car, 3 trucks (for frozen semen distribution), 15 vehicles; 1 Lorries, 2 pickups, 1 bus and 7 tractors in the Institute.

In the printing office, periodicals, books, brochures of the institute and some official papers for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, are printed. The electric generator, network for internet, camera, telephone system, general heating system, they are all sufficient to meet the requirements of the Institute.