Our Institute, which was established in 1951 under the Çifteler Farm to conduct Ankara Goat and angora goat, became an Institute directly affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture in 1957 and expanded its subjects. Completing its infrastructure in time, it established Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, Wool-Mohair and Animal Nutrition laboratories, and continued its studies on Cattle Breeding, Sheep Breeding, Ankara Goat Breeding, Chicken Breeding and Rabbit Breeding. It continues its activities by applying the latest technology. Artificial Insemination Laboratory was equipped with modern devices in 1991, Wool-Mohair Laboratory in 1999, Animal Nutrition Laboratory in 2000 and Embryo Transfer Laboratory in 2001. Genetics Laboratory was established in 2007. An average of 700,000 doses of frozen bull sperm are produced annually at the Artificial Insemination Laboratory and these sperms are stored in liquid nitrogen. This produced semen and artificial insemination materials are distributed to all regions of Turkey organized by month tour. Artificial Insemination Laboratory has the capacity to increase annual sperm production up to 2,000,000 doses per year in line with future demands. Wool-Mohair and Animal Nutrition Laboratories provide support to research studies carried out in other Institutes and Faculties as well as research carried out in the Institute.

Embryo Transfer Laboratory has been turned into a Biotechnology unit.
Our Institute offers its works to both technical staff and breeders through the Journal of Lalahan Livestock Research Institute, which has been published continuously since 1959.

It also transfers information on livestock issues through special publications and breeder brochures.

With annual Artificial Insemination courses, Veterinarians and Veterinary Health Technicians, Veterinary Physicians and Agricultural Engineers are trained through In-Service Training seminars and Breeders with Public Training programs. New techniques are tried and transferred to the field especially in the fields of frozen bull sperm production, stocking, distribution and artificial insemination applications.

Our institute continues these activities as Animal Husbandry Central Research Institute and continues to contribute to breeders and therefore to livestock.

In 2011, the name changed to Central livestock Research Institute. 2015 International Center for Livestock Research and Training as the Director of the name is changed again, and still with this name the mission continues (by Ministers Council decision and published at 23.06.2015 on Official Newspaper).