Corn Field Day was held

29.8.2016 / View : 1291 / Archive

"The Corn Field Day" was held in cooperation with Black sea Agricultural Research Institute and Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MFAL) Samsun Provincial Directorate in order to promote the "Silage corn species (Samada-07) to farmers in Çarşamba Demonstration Station in 26.08.2016.

 The vice-governor Faruk Necmi KURT and Ali Galip SARAL, Institute Director Dr. Kibar AK and Technical Coordinator Dr. İdris MACİT, MFAL Samsun Director Nail KIRMACI,  other managers in the province, NGOs, technical staff and farmers participated the "The Corn Field Day".

The project leaders Dr. Erkan ÖZATA and Halil KAPAR informed the participants about the "Silage corn species (Samada-07).