Agricultural Irrigation and Land Reclamation

Water management implements a considerably important strategic assignment by representing the results obtained from the researches which will prevent the damages to environment and other natural sources by the utilization of the water sources efficiently on agricultural areas. Especially, essential information is generated for the profitable management of product irrigation and drainage systems. Performance enhancing studies in irrigated farming are carried out by the development of new Technologies for the projecting, operating and management of new irrigation networks.  Besides, for the determination of economical reclamation technologies, background information is generated for the reclamation of the agricultural areas which are affected from salinity and sodication. Researches are carried out for the increment of irrigation efficiency and retrieving the irrigation waters and other waste water sources to agriculture. By this means, excessive water demand risk is tried to be reduced in irrigation areas.

Research Subjects:

 - Plant Water Consumptions

 - Researches aimed at the determination of the amount and time of the irrigation water

 - Irrigation guides

 - Irrigation efficiencies

 - Interfield water usage efficiency

 - Examination of the reflection of the moisture deficiency in the soil on yield

 - Researches aimed at the determination and improvement of performance indicators of gravity and pressure irrigation systems

 - Determination of the applicability of the irrigation techniques which provide economical application of the irrigation water

 - Determination of the qualities of the utilizable water sources

 - Utilization of the turbulent waters in irrigation and determination of the effects of these waters on soil and plant.

 - Planning and management of irrigation and drainage systems

 - Determination of the utilization principles of underground water resources which have high salinity

 - Reclamation of the soils which are affected from salt and sodium and the determination of alternative reclamation methods in saline and alkaline soils

 - Studies about reclamation matters

 - Determination of hydraulic and biological parameters which provide natural refinement of the urban waste waters and renewable utilization of the refined waters ​