Objectives and Tasks

​Regional Task Area: Kırklareli, Edirne, Tekirdağ, İstanbul, Kocaeli and Çanakkale

Task Subjects: Soil, Water and Agricultural Meteorology

  1. Development of appropriate method and technology for efficient usage of the water, determination of the usage conditions of poor quality water in agricultural irrigation
  2. Determination of efficiency potential of the soils, investigation of the effects of nutrients and soil regulators on soil efficiency and quality and development of appropriate fertilizing techniques
  3. Making researches directed towards the sustainable usage of the water resources in the catchments
  4. Determination of the essential precautions in order to decrease the negative effects of salinity, erosion and desertification and development of applicable improvement methods
  5. Performing the regional aridity risk analyses and developments of early caution and appropriate land usage systems
  6. Development of agronomical and cultural cautions aimed at the conservation of water and soil moisture in arid and semi arid regions in order to decrease the agricultural production risk.
  7. Composition of soil and area data systems and the database
  8. Observation of the probable developments which the climate change will generate in soil and water resources and plant production, determination of the changes, preparation of the report and presentation of detailed reports to the decision makers.