Agricultural Economics

The assignment of Agricultural Economics Department is to design and carry out research projects in micro and macro level in order to find solutions for the problems of agricultural enterprises in order to increase the contribution of the country and region agriculture to economy, to publish the research results and perform information practices for the region farmers. The privileged subjects are thus:

Research Subjects:

 - Carrying out researches on economic analysis aimed at the efficiency of agricultural and rural development application and research projects.

 - Determination of the effective socio economic subjects in adaptation of new technologies in the agriculture and to provide the adaptation of the technologies by the users.

 - Determination of the agricultural crop costs and to contribute to the development of methods and suggestions for minimizing cost.

 - Development of new suggestions by means of the determination of the agricultural supports and policies.

 - Carrying out projects on farmers' organization

 - Development of alternative strategies by the determination of risks and uncertainties in agriculture.