Agricultural Mechanization and Information Technologies

                Development of the technology in agriculture increases the production and product assessment rate and the productivity. Development in agricultural technology increases the competitive capacity in international agribusiness. Technology and software transfers in the agriculture provide the sustainability of national agriculture potential and maintain the strategic power in international platform. On the other hand, extension and adoption of new production techniques have a great importance.  Agricultural Mechanization and Information Technologies Department make researches on the elimination of these deficiencies and carry on the activities on the transmittal of the research results to competent units. Besides, the adoption of mechanical developments and utilization of the machines accurately and efficiently, minimization of the environmental damages, investigation of the utilizable alternative energy sources in agriculture take part among the research activities.


Research Subjects:

 - Investigation of the possibilities of information technologies in agriculture

 - Investigation of precision agriculture applications and development of the software

 - Researches on soil tillage and soil mechanics

 - Machıne-plant and machine-environment relationships

 - Optimization of maintenance machines determination of calibration values

 - Researches on power in agriculture and energy saving

 - Determination of the productivities of utilizable energy sources in agriculture

 - Right choice of machines and devices in the enterprises and mechanization planning

 - Socio economic researches in agricultural mechanization area