A Workshop on the Energy Journey of Biomass

2.2.2022 / View : 188 / Archive

"A Workshop on the Energy Journey of Biomass" organized within the scope of "Sustainable Biomass Project to Support the Development of Turkish Economy on the Path to Green Growth" carried out in cooperation with GDAR (General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies) - UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) will be held with 70 participants, including representatives from the ministry, UNIDO, universities, NGOs and the private sector on 01-03 February 2022 in UTAEM.

Following the opening speeches of Energy Law Research Institute Chairman Atty. Süleyman BOŞÇA, UNIDO Turkey Representative Süleyman YILMAZ and TAGEM General Manager Dr. BİRİŞİK; experts from the Energy Law Research Institute, the Black Sea Agricultural Research Institute, UNIDA and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will make presentations on the development of national and legislative infrastructure and awareness activities related to biomass.

Within the scope of the workshop there will be a technical excursion to Aydın Çine Biomass Power Plant and Supply Facility.