Sectoral Evaluation Meeting on Organic Farming

4.11.2021 / View : 61 / Archive

Sectoral Evaluation Meeting on Organic Farming, which is organized by the Directorate General for Plant Production, was held in IARTC between 19-21 October 2021.

The meeting started with opening speeches by Ercan Türktemel (Deputy DG for Plant Production) Başak Egesel (Head of Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Farming Department), Mustafa Özen (Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forest in İzmir), Tuncay Topdemir (Director of International Agricultural Research and Training Center), Ali Peksüslü (Director of Aegean Agricultural Research Institute), Tevfik Turanlı (Bornova Plant Protection Research Institute), Birol Celep (Vice Chairperson of Aegean Exporters' Association), Nedim Koşum (Dean of the Agricultural Faculty of Ege University) and then various representatives and stakeholders convened in different sessions moderated by the academicians.

The sectoral evaluation meeting was held with the participation of 230 representatives.