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UTAEM has risen to the challenge and adapted itself to the current conditions. We have planned our 2021 Online Training Agenda and it is announced on our website. Our trainings will take place online and will be arranged to be acceptable for all the time zones within our target audience. UTAEM will be glad to see you attend these trainings in 2021.

Please download the application form, fill in the application form in accordance with the training for which you would like to apply and send it back to designated coordinator along with your C.V.

Please Click For the Application Form

5th International Course on Rural Development Practices and Policies01 - 03 September 2021
9th International Course on Organic Farming06 - 09 September 2021
10th International Course on Soil Management, Fertility and Plant Nutrition13 - 15 September 2021
2nd International Course on Climate Change and Drought Management    20 - 23 September 2021
4th International Course on Agricultural Mechanization and Innovation27 - 29 September 2021
7th International Course on Sustainable Irrigation Management04 - 07 October 2021
10th International Course on Integrated Pest Management Alternative Methods for Reduction of Pesticide Use18 - 21 October 2021
7th International Course on Food Safety and Food Additives01 - 03 November 2021