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Within the scope of the manifesto published in 2021 by AARINENA (Association of Near East and North African Agricultural Research Institutions), which was established in 1985 to strengthen the cooperation between national, regional and international research institutions and centers through the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, experience and research results, with the aim of "Supporting Forgotten Foods" an online meeting was held on 22.03.2021. According to the decisions taken at the meeting, two online seminars were held for the publication of local manifestos and the globalization of these manifestos.

60 researchers from various organizations participated in the first seminar held on 28 June 2021. After the opening speech by GFAR representative Alessandro MESCHINELLI, "Forgotten Foods Manifesto" was presented by CIAT representative Dr. Carlo FADDA. Participating on behalf of APAARI, Dr. Ravi KHETERPAL and AARINENA President Dr. Adil ABDELRAHIM expressed their views on the global manifesto. Participants from other institutions also joined the discussion and expressed their opinions.

In the second leg of the seminar, which took place on June 30, 2021, participants were informed the formation process of the manifesto, and the importance of forgotten foods in the 21st century and the role of farmers at this stage were underlined. Possible challenges and steps taken in the short and long term were also included in the manifesto. The "Global Manifesto" was published at the end of the seminar.