Department of Training and Extension

Department Manager: Mehmet Emin VURAL (Veterinarian)

Within the coordination of all departments our mission is to :

  • Determine the priority in national and international level,organize training programmes and coordinate them,
  • Organize national and international seminar,conference, symposium,congress,workshop,scientific meetings and training programmes etc. in technical area,
  • Cooperate and coordinate with international institutes, governmental and private sector and non governmental organizations and  conduct R&D studies, prepare ,conduct and take place in research projects,
  • Use information technologies and develop physical,humane and Project capacity,
  • Establish demonstrations in farmer conditions, organize common programmes,coordination with private sector and non governmental organizations,governmental institutes,province directorate,
  • Edit and publish research result  reports done by the institute,
  • Organize (BAV-BBAV) meetings and brokerages, and report them,
  • Prepare training programmes,journals,brochures and etc..
  • Study on information Technologies and communication. Prepare a database,edit and update web site ,coordinate network business
  • Other duties assigned by the directorate.