Department of Horticulture

Department of Horticulture

Within the issues of viticulture, vegetable growing,fruit growing and ornamental plants our mission is to ;

-Develop quality,yield and new variety according to market need, breeding and cultivating methods,increase tolerance to disease,pest and adverse environment affects , while carrying out this process doing applied researches by using biotechnology and its technics,

- Register varieties developed as a result of breeding studies, provide sustainability of breeding material,

-Make alternative research to increase product variety,

- Collect,save and define vegetative genetic resources to protect biological variety and have sustainability using and if necessary cultivate and make research to apply it in breeding ,

- Publish at least one peer viewed journal and coordinate integrated projects and determine priority in research topics,

- Observe vegetation in basic plant groups, make reports in developing and harvest periods including crop prediction and make offers preventing probable crisis    

- Publish research results in turkish and english and do studies developing the institute in long term.

-Maintenance for gren areas, new gren areas and planting and afforestation

- Other Tasks

Research Groups of the Head Department


2-Vegetable growing and Ornamental plants

3-Fruit research