Vision & Mission


  • Producing knowledge and technology required for integrated pest management (IPM) and supporting IPM to become widespread in the frame of principles of food safety and sustainable agriculture,
  • Developing biotechnical methods, one of the environmentally friendly pest management techniques, and make it applicable,
  • Developing and transferring fast and reliable identification methods into practice,
  • Giving training courses on integrated pest management of grape, cherry, peach, olive and vegetable,
  • Being an acknowledged institution on identification and management of quarantine organisms in national and international scientific arena.


  • Conducting applicable research activities on different control methods such as biotechnical ones against seriously harmful organisms on cultivated plants,
  • Conducting quarantine and certification analysis related to plant health,
  • Conducting biological efficacy and side effect tests of plant protection products against plant harmful organisms, and inspecting biological efficacy tests conducted by firms,
  • Organizing and participating in national and international congresses on plant health,
  • Organizing training courses to the staff working in extension service of the Ministry and private companies, and experts from foreign countries,
  • Publishing brochure, leaflet, technical bulletin, article, and exc. related to the research subjects. ​