It is responsible for the supply of feed raw materials and the preparation of feed for animal materials in different groups in the livestock departments of the Institute. 


1. There is a feed unit belonging to the unit with a concentrated feed production capacity of 5 tons per hour . Here, concentrate feeds need of the institution are prepared, raw materials needed are supplied and stocked, and stock records are kept,

2. To take part in working groups, meetings, trainings, commissions and committees etc. assigned by the Directorate.

3. To direct the activities carried out by the personnel under his/her responsibility, to ensure that they are coordinated and integrated among themselves, to determine the division of labor and working order, to monitor and coordinate the subgroups for this purpose.

4. To prepare the long, medium and short term plans and programs related to the unit,

5. To supervise the actual situation in the unit with the programs and to take the necessary measures for its realization.

6. To ensure the implementation of methods that will increase the efficiency of the activities, to evaluate the method changes proposed by the personnel and managers for this purpose, and to implement the ones deemed appropriate by the directorate.

7. To establish the criteria and standards to be used in the evaluation of the activities of the unit and to evaluate them at certain time intervals , to ensure that the changes in the activities are recorded and reported.

8. To ensure that the activities in the field of duty and responsibility are carried out in accordance with the definitions and instructions of the current internal control system.