Our Strip-Tillage Demonstrations Ongoing

2.5.2017 / View : 1336 / Archive

“Strip-Tillage Project” is financially supported by TEYAP Program of KOP Administration, as being the first in the scope of Territorial Conservation Agriculture (KOR-TAR) applications and it’s being carried out by our Institute. Demonstrations were accomplished in Karapınar and Çumra towns for farmers with participation of Our Institute Researchers, Representatives from Civil Society Organizations, and regional farmers. By this system, which is one of reduced vertical soil processing methods, it is possible to do a strip seed bed in 5 to 30 cm wide and fertilizing at the same time with soil processing without any need for other tillage equipment before sowing. Since this project, that’s attracting great attention of farmers, led to all soil preparation can be done at once before planting, it is envisaged at least 50-55% reduction in soil processing input costs. The application has an important function in terms of the protection of soil humidity as well as contribution to the enrichment of the soil organic matter. It is of great importance to disseminate this method in our region that located in a particularly arid geography.