Cattle Breeding

Cattle Breeding Department
Aim of the Department

To carry out activities on bovine animal husbandry such as breeding techniques, animal production, herd management, animal health, animal welfare and biotechnology.
Duties of the Department

1- To develop new types and races, improve breeding techniques and quality on request of market demand, to improve resistance to diseases, pests and adverse environmental conditions, and to do basic and applied researches using new technologies as biotechnology while doing these duties.
2- To register and ensure continuity by manufacturing the improved types and breeds.
3- To carry out national and international researches on cattle breeding.
4- To ensure sustainability in cattle breeding
5- To carry out researches on biotechnology, breeding techniques, artificial insemination and embryo transfer to increase and diversify the production in cattle.
6- To carry out researches on care-feeding, animal welfare and herd management techniques, host systems and socio-economy in cattle.
7- To carry out researches for alternative products to increase product diversity.
8- To provide animal material for livestock researches carried out by the Department of Animal Breeding and Biotechnology.
9- To provide high quality and qualified female studs to breeders.
10- To produce high quality and qualified male stud animals to meet the needs of our countries sperm requirement.
11- To follow developments related to the livestock sector, to make observation and to provide detailed reports to decision-makers for predicting potential crisis prevention measures.