Economics and Statistics Publication

Accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture;

- Primarily within the purview of the Institute carry out socio-economic research activities,
Increasing production and incomes of rural producers to improve the general living conditions and agricultural policies in order to committed itself to developing;
- To prepare and carry out the projects about environmental economics, agricultural marketing, agricultural management, agricultural extension, organization, agricultural policies, rural sociology, and similar topics for regional, national and international level for rural and agricultural economies,
- To carry out research on the investment, production, rural development, control, and effectiveness of support policies for the contribution of the agricultural sector in order to increase the economy,
-To make the impact assessment studies on the R&D activities which are carried out in our Institute,
- To cooperate with domestic and foreign public and private sector research organizations and universities, to develop and carry out projects sourced from domestic and international,
- To perform similar tasks assigned by the Directorate.

To continue its activities as a more powerful section by carrying out socio-economic research in a multidisciplinary approach; giving direction to the research and policy by providing information and data and producing a solution for the socio-economic problems