Crop Production and Management

Staff List 

Department of Crop Production and Managementİlker TOPALCoordination Unit
Department of Crop Production and ManagementMevlüt GÜRKANAgricultural Technician
Department of Crop Production and ManagementOktay OKURAgricultural Engineer
​Department of Crop Production and Management​Dr. Yüksel KAYA​Agricultural Engineer​

Mission and Duties

The original seeds of the varieties developed by Our Institute and contracted private company seeds are produced by Production and Management Department. 

Seed production activities are conducted in two locations Institute Fields in Konya and İçeri Çumra District. In the production area, different rotation systems are applied such as grain-fallow, grain-corn, grain-legumes.  Under the scope of certification system, average annual seed production of department is about 150-200 tons. In case of need, support activities are supplied by department to other departments and units for research and experiments within Institue. The main support activities are as follows; leveling and reclamation of the field, tillage, seed bed preparation, irrigation, Chemical Application for Pest&Disease control as well as labor support when needed in high season.

Additionally, the department is responsible for landscaping, land reclamation and parceling, tool-machines and maintenance and repair of immovable constructions.The compatible varieties for region are produced by using new methods and technics and offered to farmers. 

Department Staff: 2 technical, 14 labors